Monday, April 13, 2009

Spartans! TONIGHT WE FEEL PROUD (in hell)

The massive success of Test 7 has spread and we now are celebrating a job well done. But this doesn't mean we are slacking off. No, now we will work faster for Demo 1, hopefully to surpass the record of our Test 7! For it seems that people are starting to hear about Clash and our success.
Websites and Forums all around the "interwebs" have been posting the news of the test (not us posting, the ACTUAL owners/admins posted it) in multiple forums. Thus, the Test was spread far and Emmanuel and the rest of the forum are proud to announce our CURRENT download total!

This may continue to rise, as it was at 300 just yesterday but now, we have reached:


Just check out this screenshot from earlier today:


  1. i think a new sprite for the mario and luigi would be nice, seriously, i dont like the sprite of mario & luigi 2, is very childlike.

    why not sprites of new super mario bros?

    and my sincere apology by my sincerity, is just a suggestion for the game get a better look.

    The Sonic is very fast, but the sprite is good.

    thanks for the great work.

  2. and why not a big bowser like the bowser in the new super mario bros?

  3. :( No update in three months.. Please don't tell me you guys stopped. :(