Thursday, August 27, 2009

To-Do list

My list of stuff to code next, to keep it somewhere.

-Exportable save files

- Game Modes: Stock, Time, *King.

- Specials: Up B, 1 projectile per char*

Let's keep it short for now.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

We're not dead

Today, I was checking the comments, and I was astonished at finding out about Samuel's comment in the post before this. So here I'm posting the state of stuff so far.

First, it's recommended you check the forum for uptodate info. But after seeing that comment, I'll try to update this too...

Also, there's this blog it's not written by me, so it's better in that I won't spend programming time in writing the blog. It's kept by some of the mods/admins in the forum.

The music folder  This must go in the root of your sd card inside a folder called clashmusic or whatever the folder in mediafire is called.

This test includes... lotsa stuff I can't remember... but most importantly, DS-DS multiplayer.

It's like one month old, the latest test have been released only to the mods and admins and probably the first public versions will be released to the "veterans" or people with certain amount of posts.

The latest additions have been mostly visual. After this visual remake, game modes are vital. Btw, all the stuff added for single player is immediately usable for multiplayer. They are not separate stuff like some approaches may end up.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Spartans! TONIGHT WE FEEL PROUD (in hell)

The massive success of Test 7 has spread and we now are celebrating a job well done. But this doesn't mean we are slacking off. No, now we will work faster for Demo 1, hopefully to surpass the record of our Test 7! For it seems that people are starting to hear about Clash and our success.
Websites and Forums all around the "interwebs" have been posting the news of the test (not us posting, the ACTUAL owners/admins posted it) in multiple forums. Thus, the Test was spread far and Emmanuel and the rest of the forum are proud to announce our CURRENT download total!

This may continue to rise, as it was at 300 just yesterday but now, we have reached:


Just check out this screenshot from earlier today:

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Introducing: Test 7 (click title to Download)

I am pleased to announce that Test 7 has just arrived!
The release of Test 7 means that the time of Demo 1 is getting closer! Yes folks, you might soon have the FIRST demo! With many, many characters being sprited and some completed, you might soon have a playable demo!
Test 7 includes:
-Knockback Sprites + Rotating Sprites (Efaj is very happy with this one)
-Weight Variables have been applied! This means heavier characters get a decreased knock back etc.
Characters in Test 7 are:

Sora hasn't been coded in because he is missing some important sprites.

It also features parts of the new menu, so be sure to check it out!

Moved Forums

Yes, we have packed up the old forum and moved to a more convenient and advanced forum. This means that we will have an easier time with the forum and will be helpful when the forum expands a bit more.

The new forum:

Direct URL:
But feel free to use this other, easier URL, which will redirect you STRAIGHT to the forum.


Thursday, April 9, 2009


For the future tests, we had to cut the chars due to them missing the knockback sprite. Why is this so important? Because it's the ONLY sprite that rotates, and if the Idle or another sprite was used in its place it would look horrible.
Right now the boardzero forum was COMPLETELY LOCKED.
Also, Aang is going to be polled, as it seems he was not polled ever, just introduced on the official list, and he doesn't even have an spriter working on him, nor a base sprite.

As you can see from the first paragraph, Knockback rotation is already coded. And, we already have up to 4 CPUs, even if they are completely stupid.

Next in line is fixing the character select to be able to select the CPUs too, and add the AAA combo. Possibly add an easy system for coders to set animation speeds more precisely.

Friday, April 3, 2009

No More New Characters

We have finally reached a stage when we can say "We have enough characters already." This means that from now on, or at least until most of the current characters are coded and sprited, there will be NO MORE New Characters. That is not to say we don't like the new characters, it is simply because we have TOO MANY for the time being.

We have many new, innovative and exciting characters planned for the game and we have been voting on them in the forum for quite a while, so expect many of your favourite characters in soon.
Also, there are still a few characters being voted in because they had polls already in progress and they will be closed at the end of the votes.

Thank you, good luck and Happy Clashing.